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Sooji 4 Lb


  • It contains vitamins E and B, which is a quick and nourishing source for an active lifestyle.
  • It is a light food that is easy to digest and improves bone density and the nervous system.
  • It is free from Gluten content and prevent from Celiac disease.
  • It is useful to control body weight without any side effects.
  • It is one of the best organic products of Vedic India and loved by millions.
  • It is highly beneficial for improving blood circulation in the human body.

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Sooji is a wheat/semolina dish that has a porridge-like consistency. In Ayurveda, wheat strengthens, rejuvenates, soothes ulcers, increases appetite, heals fractures, and generally enhances stability. Consuming wheat regularly promotes a healthy complexion.Semolina is healthier than white flour as Semolina is coarse not fine. … Semolina has some amount of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. White flour, on the other hand, is rich in simple carbs without fiber and protein. But if your prone to gluten avoid Semolina as it is rich in Gluten.Both semolina and flour are made from wheat. … Fine ground semolina flour ,ground from the endosperm of durum wheat, is used to make pasta and some breads, coarser semolina is used to make couscous when mixed together with fine grain semolina ( although it can also be made with barley wheat in the manner of the Berbers.)

Weight 4 lbs