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Maseca Amarillo 2.2 Lb


  • Maseca corn spice flour has been considered the authentic instant variety for generations. It is loved for its quality, taste and consistency.
  • This corn flour is ideal for making your favorite foods. You can make flour for tortalles, enchiladas, pups, soaps and many more. Masaka corn flour masa for tortillas is made from ground, dried corn
  • Tortillas made with Maseca Instant Corn Masa Flour have a beautiful yellow color and a pleasant scent that will bring to your table the true flavors of authentic and traditional cuisine from Central Mexico.
  • For generations, maseca has been considered an authentic instant corn masa flour. Each dough needs its own corn quality.

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For generations, MASECA has been considered an authentic instant corn spice flour. Each dough requires its own corn quality. Gurma identifies farmland differentiation for corn quality: glass color, kernel size, processing performance both in the milling process and in the finished product process; Mycotoxin content. GRUMA manages each driver for the best preservation and processing of each individual type of corn flour. The drivers include both pre-harvest and post-harvest exercises, which are leaders in corn flour production worldwide. From seed sampling and analysis, to planting, field inspection, insect control to harvest, each field growing for GRUMA is managed through the latest technology. The aim of such a program is to produce “premium quality maize” in local farms. Maseca corn spice flour is considered the authentic instant variety for generations. It likes it for its quality, taste and consistency. Use it to make flour for tortillas, soaps, empanadas, enchiladas, pupups, hurachs and atolls. This product is cholesterol free. Over the years, grandmothers and mothers have passed on the tradition of preparing food with mascara to their children, and in return they have also come to depend on mascara quality, taste and consistency.

Weight 2.2 lbs